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Bring It On

As the New Year approaches, all I can think about is the song “Here Comes The Sun”. In my opinion the New Year is more a new day. There is no epiphany, no reset, just another sunrise; followed soon after by another sunset.

We place this huge responsibility on the coming year, every year. It’s truly another way for us to blame someone (or something) else for whatever we did, or didn’t do the year prior. Now more than ever we as a society need to start taking responsibility for our part in what is happening. We need to own up to what we said we would do, and didn’t. 

It’s extremely easy to throw our cares behind and say “next year!” But what about tomorrow? What about an hour from now? What about right now? Where does it end?

Instead of a New Years Resolution, why not just plan for tomorrow? There is much less pressure. There is much more possibility. So much can be accomplished in a day. 

I’m a strong believer of baby steps, walking before you run. So again, I say, why not just plan for tomorrow? Then, the next day; so on and so forth.

Ambition is awesome, but progress is even better.

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