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One In The Same

Noise. Some of us can’t stand noise. But, isn’t noise relative? Doesn’t it really depend on the person hearing the “noise” to define whether it is actually noise, or a sweet sound. Is a rectangle a square?

Last night J and I went to hear a bunch of noise, in the form of Kate Bush covers. The Performer, Theo Bleckmann, for me was a combination of David Bryne, Enya, a horrible winter cold, and a multi-setting electronic keyboard; he was amazing. 

Along with his jazz ensemble, he masterfully covered 8 or so Kate Bush classics. In addition he described them before or after each song, and tried as best he could to explain her mark on music. Then after each break to speak, he would begin to play with his synthesizer and make these beautifully, melodic sounds with his throat, nose, hands, breath.

Each piece of noise he made echoed throughout the David Rubenstein Atrium, but not because it was a large open space, but rather because he was purposefully belting out new sounds one after another. It was the same feeling one could get standing over the Grand Canyon and screaming ” HELLO… hello… Hello… hello….”. 

For Theo noise was his way of touching the world. Where most would just sing the words, he clearly understands that that has already been done. Instead he paired his words with a nice bottle of Chianti and even mimics the uncorking sound. Used his breathe to enhance the pouring sounds while simultaneously mouthing the words “Wuthering Heights.” 

Last night I heard some pretty amazing noise. I was witness to a beautiful sound. Last night, I undoubtedly learned that noise is sound and sound is music.

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